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Arch Linux Thread

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-12 08:37
What do you think of Arch? Is it really ``minimal''?
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26 Name: Anonymous 2017-12-15 06:11
Why the fuck this
27 Name: Anonymous 2017-12-25 22:53
Arch uses systemd, so no.
28 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-21 10:20
Arch Linux is considered harmful.
29 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-22 18:36
arch is pretty good overall.

yeah not a big fan of systemd but despite /g/ crusading against it all the time it actually works.

I've been looking at other init systems like s6 and openrc and no offense but.... is this really what you want as init?
30 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-23 14:47
Some people really don't appreciate the Emacs approach to functionality that Systemd takes. As for me, I appreciate an init system that includes process supervision that can be configured in a declarative manner. To my understanding, only Systemd and GNU Sheperd fit this.
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Consider this:

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-21 16:44
Abelson's fat schlong.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-23 09:19
If you are struggling, consider online therapy with BetterHelp.
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bit of info on suffix tree and BWT

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-20 17:57
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giving python a second chance

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-05 13:26
what if guido is actually pretty smart?

what if he just made a couple big mistakes but we ignore all the things he did right?

I mean isn't it very sad to have this idea that the majority of programmers are idiots with terrible bad taste. maybe there's something to python that isn't all bad that we overlooked.

beyond the forced indentation, which is extremely irritating. I find that the fact they dont properly implement lexical scope not only a huge turn off but like.. you just know they'll never fix it or accept patches to fix it.
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6 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-13 13:58
Your code formatting software should have no problem reformatting whitespace issues.
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-15 05:04
well guess what, it did
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-16 14:07
If that's the case, your software is buggy and needs fixing.
9 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-18 03:00
Um, I don't take advice from anonymous nobodies.....
10 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-19 02:47
/lounge/ got spammed I think.
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Gas Huffer's Anonymous

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-21 05:32
Hello everyone, my name is VIPPER and I have been a gas huffer for 24 years, and in recovery for a week.
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11 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-15 05:11
huff my anus
12 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-15 12:39
I huffed petrol once accidentally when I was trying to fill up my car without a funnel and kept spilling the shit everywhere. felt good man and the drive afterwards was fun
13 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-16 10:36
Don't huff and drive. Fun is fun but that's just dangerous.
14 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-18 03:18
Daily reminder that huffing petrol fumes will literally melt your brain. If you value your mind, you will want to avoid your exposure to petrol fumes.
15 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-18 08:02
I think you'll find that's just figurative.
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Confession Thread

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-07 00:25
Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It had been 14 days since.my last confession. Since then I have coveted not only my neighbors oxen but his donkey as well. I truly am a wretch.

My Lord, please forgive my sins so that I may be one of your children once more. Amen.
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4 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-10 05:22
covert my neighbor's ass
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-13 14:01
I've been staying up longer than I intended and now I can't get up early enough to do my morning exercises.
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-13 18:26
You mean posting on /b/?
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-14 07:40
post on my /d/
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-18 03:24
Sometimes I do post to /b/ but it's not the only place where I visit. Sometimes I'm watching a video of some sort or sometimes I'm playing game.
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1 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-09 21:26
This goatfinfer...it's a SHIT board.
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7 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-12 17:33
Prove it lil bitch
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-16 10:38
Prove it lil wayne
9 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-16 12:45
final fantasy games are the ultimate in hedonistic atheism. the final goal of each game is to kill god.
10 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-20 23:23
Wholly irrelevant to this thread
11 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-18 01:57
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Hi I'm 13 and I just started watching Rick and Morty and I

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-08 18:17
Hi I'm 13 and I just started watching Rick and Morty and I can tell you for a fact it's my favorite show!!. Lik the one time Ricky said said there's probably like no good !!!! i was agreeing so much I'am smarter then you're average fidget spinner teen at middle school to even though I have one. I may be young but I'm smarter then every theist on earth basically the show is also really deep when they said like no one was born for a reason I was so blown away as they must have big balls to say that on tv so I told my friends on minecraft and they agree too. LOL once when my mom took me to McDonald's I asked for the Mulan dipping sauce and the dumb bitch didn't even get the reference XD One time in class i evan shouted "I'm PICKLE RIIIICK!" and Mrs.Janice told me to go outside i fucking hate that cunt school is for dumb ppl just like what Rick said, i m too smart for such imbicells. But yeah I love Rick and Morty and I'm actually smart enough to get it to.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-15 12:48
can't say I disagree
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-16 13:27
can say I disagree, but not going to
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Emoji thread aka. fuck unicode

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-06 18:03
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115 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-09 07:20
Angry face works.
116 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-10 09:37

pretty dank that hieroglyphs has dicks in it
117 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-11 10:39
118 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-11 14:32

apple emoji finally acknowledges that women can work out too
119 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-16 01:17
May 2, 2006 2:39 PM in response to Nils C. Anderson

the reason for this is that you have a single display.


for both monitors. from x(7)

the phrase "display" is usually used to refer to collection of
monitors that share a common keyboard and pointer (mouse,
tablet, etc.). most workstations tend to only have one key-
board, and therefore, only one display. larger, multi-user

(Post truncated)
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is this really the new /prog/rider?

1 Name: that guy 2018-04-08 05:10
I heard this is the new /prog/rider

is this true? all I see are 4chan memes, what about /prog/rider culture???

Does bbcode even work? Can you even do a buttsort?
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3 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-11 17:50
I come here
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-11 21:44
I had my daughter circumcised and after it healed, it looked a lot neater, didn't smell anymore and has a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases. She's having it fused with a hot iron once the stitches are out.
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-13 13:51
I come here also.
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-13 14:06
For when I found the holy lisp
So pure the curves that are parens
With a report merely one short text
Of beauty's simplicty

I knew that lisp was for me
But then there was a choice
Of thousand page lisp's
That is when I prayed for mercy

My goddess answered my call
With the flowers of recursion
And the lexical wildflower of scope
All around the syntax tree

(Post truncated)
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-14 12:37

shame about the culture dying off, but then it wasn't great... it was just something familiar
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Exotic mushrooms

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-08 05:45
I'm thinking of renting a garage and farming exotic mushrooms, then selling them to restaurants & on ebay. What are your favorite mushrooms to grow commercially in a boutique scenario?
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-08 07:55
I like portabella sandwiches.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-09 05:23
Careful, many unscrupulous vendors use beef and flavoring in place of actual portobello.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-12 23:18
I for one certainly wouldn't want any flavoring added to my food.
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1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-08 05:38
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3 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-09 06:43
The only thing that will happen to goatfinger is a domain name lapse.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-09 07:10
he's still using goatfinfer instead of goatfinger.

wtf a lot noob ducc broo *does the backpack kid arms back and forth dance*
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-09 17:37
the backpack kid arms back and forth dance
U wot m8
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-10 11:05
Please source those quotes.
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-11 10:54
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King of Crispy Eggs - Cheesy and Crunchy Eggs

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-01 23:47
This thread is devoted to the king of crispy eggs.

Have you made your crispy eggs yet?

2 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-02 02:27
This has to be an April's Fool joke.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-06 00:29
Be a real shame if the king got demonetized, permanently.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-06 00:57
you wouldn't like me when i'm demonitized.
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-07 00:03
You can't spell demonetized with demon. You think I'm kidding?!
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new domain name goatfinfer.ga

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-06 20:33
new domain name goatfinfer.ga!

did anybody manage to find this yet?
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35 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-23 05:00
36 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-23 05:13
37 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:14
TempleOS rare commercial from 2011

38 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-28 18:45
39 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-05 05:24
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1 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-03 10:50
I bought a big pot and started making soups. With pumpkin soup, it's always best to roast (not boil) the pumpkin and add celery for extra pizazz in the pumpkin.
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11 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-11 01:02
Soups are good, but man cannot live on blended vegetables alone because he needs more solid fiber. I recommend interspersing your soup-days with dahl-days. Dhal is a lot like soup, but the vegetables are roughly diced and sit in a lentil-mush rather than being the mush themselves. Also, eating an egg every now and then can't hurt.
12 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-11 12:57
You can put beans into soup. I love southern style chili with beans and beef stew.
13 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-12 02:31
I have two large cabbages, is there any cabbage-based soup recipe that tastes good?
14 Name: Anonymous 2018-03-12 13:10
15 Name: Anonymous 2018-04-02 02:30
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