New Year

1 Name: C. logos 2018-01-05 00:39
A New Year

Oho! A hidden trickster rears
a balding head and pointed ears
To give a newfound law a test
so blameless men may soundly rest
First a silence then a breath
A new life wrestled out from death
From ocean floors of unknown depth
A time to chime anew

With magic words he shall enchant,
an oath intoned in beggars' cant
a light derived from burning wick
and perfumed smoke that's oily-thick
To make a brew of bitter tears
And minutes shaven off of years
A flash of light that warms and cheers
Ice cold in winter's hold

A new day birthed of bits and scraps
and names misspelled on foreign maps
The trickster, oh, is clever still
And winds his way through wit and will
To unknown places in the night
And blinds them all with sudden light
Cicadas bloom and then take flight
Fear burns away like fat
2 Name: C. logos 2018-01-05 01:28
The 100,000 Points
Fill those empty eyes
with mine
And burst
in reverse
and turn whole
The face you
from day to day
is worn from age
and heavy use

and bring the
Earth alive
Our jolly game reframes the point
So that truth may fall like snow
And now we re young and strong
and in the
Bathe the world
in love reborn
For now we have the room to breathe
And we can tell all types
of stories
with all the
that we have made

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