1 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-21 22:30

Fluoridation is the addition of the poisonous chemical "fluoride" to drinking water.
It's the stuff that people tell you not to eat toothpaste because of. The idea (I guess?) is that when you drink water the flouride runs over your teeth before you swallow it, and this helps keep your teeth clean… yet you still have to brush your teeth. I'm not buying it.
So we're stuck with this.. instead of having clean water without any weird unnecessary shit added to it?
It's just a crazy conspiracy theory, like flat earth
It's completely true that the government is doing this. It's public information, there's no secrecy or conspiracy about it. It's just a super dumb and bad policy. We deserve clean, un-tampered-with water. Look what happened in flint michigan with lead poisoning in the water. A whole generation of children with severely decreased IQs. Trace amounts of flouride won't do that, but they might have some negative effects on humans. It's a toxic chemical after all.
The government wouldn't do it if it wasn't good for us.
Maybe they're not intentionally trying to harm the public, it could just be a really stupid decision that they got wrong. We don't know why they do this. All we can do is take a stand against it.
Flouride buildup can be harmful when excessive. For example tea plants retain the small traces of flouride from water and in time build up large quantities of it which can cause sickness to humans.
The dose makes the poison. It's safe because they only add a tiny amount!
Really? On this very page it says "Relatively low doses of contaminants in water, food, and environment can already have significant chronic effects if there is a long-term exposure".
Muh water cycle..
Water is in a cycle, it goes through us or just down the drain and then runs off into the ocean and evaporates, and rains back down on us and into our reservoirs. If we start adding a chemical to this cycle, this chemical is added on each loop. This means larger amounts of flouride will be adding up over time and collecting somewhere. The same effect has been observed with anti-depressant pills being flushed.
But it'll save the teeth of poor black kids who don't brush their teeth.
Bullshit. They drink a bottle of kool-aid a day. The tiny amounts of flouride that pass over their teeth on the way down wont help them at all (assuming they ever actually drink water… which they most likely don't).
When it comes down to it: We don't NEED this shit in our water. It serves no purpose. It may be harmful, even if it's not we have a right to clean water without any fucking bullshit added to it
Have some fucking common sense.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-10-21 23:12
Why doesn't the government add vitamin C or something else healthy to the water supply? Why stop at fluoride? The answer: because fluoride is an industrial byproduct with no value, just be glad they are not dumping diesel into the water supply. But fluoride is a meme, chlorine, pH down, and birth control pill residue are the true menace in your water, especially if you live in an area where fluoride is not added like me.

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