The truth about child separation

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-06 16:08
In 2010, Santa's elves tried to go on strike. Santa called in the US Air Force and the entire operation was forcibly moved to an army base in Texas. The elves now work all year at starvation wages under constant guard by US soldiers. Due to bodies adapted to a northern climate, widespread depression, and lack of morale leading to heat stroke, exhaustion, and suicide, elf numbers were cut by almost 2/3rds. Thus, president trump signs an order allowing migrant children to replace the elves. Mexican children are more adapted to the climate and mostly undocumented.

We've actually seen glimpses of this in the media, but they once again failed to dig deeper.

Trump is separating children from parents at the border. Several children have already been "misplaced." Why would this administration risk so much bad press over something so obviously anti-human?

It's simple. These children are the replacements for Santa's elves. Trump is hoping that these children will be forgotten about, and that we won't track them down.

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