Black men were biologically molded into sexual winners.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-16 23:00
For generations on the African savanna women pick and chose only the men with the largest members to breed with and pass on genes. As a result, Africans have a lot of natural confidence in them not just from having a big dick but the general swag-attitude they possess, which pasty white guys are painfully jealous of every second of their pathetic cuck life.

When most dudes get jitters in their stomach from approaching a beautiful woman, a black man's movement only smoothens and confidence level rises the more beautiful and Aryan she is. Also, instincts such as fight or flight are unknown to him, for he only knows fight (whites get flight most of the time).

Meanwhile white guys suffer from social anxiety and all form of mental illnesses 24/7. To get by in life he needs antidepressants and even then probably shoots up a school.

Now that white and black men are pitted openly against each other in the dating game on the streets of Europe it is becoming very clear whos coming out on top in this battle for genetic survival.

Birth rates tell the whole story: black men breed in massive numbers, usually knocking up women left and right in various countries and leaving for another the instant their current gf is pregnant (tax payers get cuckolded). White boys on the other hand are usually either too beta to even look at a female (they play MOBA all day & fap to interracial in the basement) or if they do manage to attract a female other than a Thai mail order bride in their 40's, she maybe allows him to have 1 or 2 babies (who become gay or get blacked later in life) before divorcing and leaving for unemployed Tyrone.

The future of the white world isnt looking very bright... indeeed, metaphorically it's looking very dark, because darker races are winning in this Darwinian survival of the fittest.

Year 2100 pure whites are all but eradicated and they could not be happier. Truly a mistake of nature this "Aryan."

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