1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-17 14:42
More for fun and future shilling to an audience later on, but would yall take 11 seconds of your lives and do me a solid? This potato quality vid is from 8 years ago on a cellphone. The guy in the vid is now my attorney and a bro since i was about 1 month old...

We are considering starting a youtube channel where he pretty much just goes full hillbilly. We think it's pretty funny but he is a county assistant D.A. prosecuting attorney.

Typically we go inna woods and he abducts wildlife for photo ops while i take pics and try to find spots for a 100k helicopter rides to save his life...

Can you folks do me a huge favor? Watch it for 11 seconds? If you like it please like, comment, subscribe, and if you don't then come here and tell me how i can do better and/or call me a bitch and tell me how stupid i am? [

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