1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-24 16:04
Dear goatfinger,
My son has joined your website and has been with you since summer. He tried his hardest to fit in here, he has troubles doing that in school.
Last tuesday i took him to buy new clothes and so we went to hot topic. He saw all these MEME clothes and asked me "mommy, can we get the MEME clothes?" and I said fine. If thats what you want, I will buy them for you.
Today he wore his MEME clothes for the very first time and went to school, until some jerk on a mountain bike bicycled up to him and yelled "CANCER KID" and kicked him square in the face. Why would anyone do that to him? When he got home I immediately called the school to find out who this older boy on the bike was, but they told me he was anonymous. How could you?
I told my son I would be posting my questions here, but it seems you had a bad influence on him, he told me to "butt out, you fucking nigger". He never used to use language like these.
What sort of greasy horrorshow is Christopher Poole running here? Isn't he supposed to be the friendly guy that invented all these so-called MEME's?
I demand answers, right now, before I call the cyber police.
A concerned mother and avid Fox viewer.

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