A message to newfags

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-09 12:24
Here's where cancer like you errs:

You bring "content" to places that do not wish to see your "content." Despite the users telling you to fuck off, and the moderation banning you, you return over and over again. You continue to dilute every community you're in until the signal-to-noise ratio of that community renders it useless and real users who think, effortpost and create OC replicate an internet version of white flight to fresh grounds that you faggots haven't found. You're shitskins, locusts and cancer, and you can't understand that. You post at higher frequencies, with poorer posts, and you drown out all oc.

I'm an oldfag from 2004 /b/, when /b/ was ACTUALLY good, and you faggots started coming in and spamming the entire board to uselessness. So we left for greener pastures by 2007. Now here we are again, except instead of retarded former goon moderators, we have actual anons as our mod staff, so you get banned over and over again.

We. Don't. Want. You. Here.

At all.

Your autism won't permit you to understand that, so you return perennially like any other invasive species. You attacked /tg/ for literally no reason and almost destroyed that community, when they were harmless autists who just wanted to discuss their hobby.

Then you think "oh I got a reply from this guy tee hee I got a reaction so therefore I win." That's not the point, this post isn't even for you, this post is for all the anons and lurkers who are on their computers, phones and tablets, reading this, who hate you fags with the passion of a million suns because THEY just want to discuss THEIR hobby, which here happens to be politics, and instead of that, they see constant attacks by intx autists with shit megaphones who are trying to ruin their good time because you fags don't like what we like.

Yet, you're parasites, you can generate no OC of your own, and you are every single thing you accuse the rest of us of being. I can only hope that eventually the autism bux run out and you starve to death, alone and unloved, so the rest of us can be finally free to pursue our own interests without your interference. What's even WORSE is that you've been manipulated by jews to think that this is all your own idea.

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