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Dire Situation

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-13 21:10
Hello programmers!

Here is my situation... I am currently learning Java for Android programming but it is causing me many headaches. I want to make stupid simple games for stupid simple people so that I can make some money. But the problem is that I realize that I am quite stupid myself. I can't seem to wrap my head around programming for Android if I try it causes headaches. On top of that I get distracted easily.

I am not a complete noob programmer though. I started with C and I enjoy it very much but I need to make some money since my current living situation (my mother and father) is going down the toilet that's why I decided to go with Java and Android but I realize now that that might not be a good idea after all for me.

So, I am wondering if I should continue on learning Java and Android or should I stick with C and Allegro to make a game. The end goal is money basically. I hold the thought that Android would be easy money but I might be wrong. Right now I am considering dropping Java and Android and resume making my game in C with Allegro.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-14 02:55
I don't know how you can use Allegro and C for Android if you don't even understand how to use the Android API in Java. I will predict that you are simply not educated enough to do any kind of Android programming.
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-14 03:43
I won't be building for Android if I am using Allegro. I'll be making it for windows and linux only. The reason why I even dabbled in Android development was that I thought it would be a easy way to make money clearly that wasn't the case for me. I've decided already to just continue making my game in C with Allegro and release it for windows and linux when it's finished.

Is it just me or does Java make things too complex? I don't know that was my first time programming in a Object Oriented language and it was not my cup of tea at all. Maybe I'll go back to it when my life is more stable.

My highest education is High School. I have autism and severe social anxiety. But still I need to make an income soon because my parents are not going to tolerate me for long.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-18 06:53
So we have two main issues here: your social skills and your living situation with your parents.

You are starting your life and you have to live the rest of your life somewhere. If you're capable of living off the land as a wild man, then you don't need social skills as you're capable of surviving without any help of people. I'm assuming that you want to live in modern society with modern conveniences; so if you intend to live in society, then you must interact with society. My advice is that you need professional help with your social skills and with the management of your mental condition. The best way to change yourself is to learn directly from a professional who is trained to deal with your kind of mentality i.e. a clinical psychologist.

I don't know what kind of social services are available for you that offer this kind of rehabilitation within your country; I'll assume that this ideal option is not available for you. The next best advice is to train yourself with lessons taught indirectly from the professionals. You can find many kinds of lessons about self-improvement on the Internet and also within paper books. Here are the topics you should study in no particular order:

habits - how they work, how to change bad habits and how to consciously train good habits;
accepting mistakes, identifying them and learning from mistakes;
the art of introspection and the art of consciously controlling your emotions;
physical education and learning how to improve your fitness;
body communication - the art of interpreting the meaning of a person's structure and movements;
the science of autism - learn the characteristics of your specific disorder (there is a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders) and how it compares to a healthy neurotypical person

I know the range topics are wide, but these are topics that most people learn unconsciously. Since you have a disorder in your mental development, you will need to learn these topics consciously and you will need to practice them consciously. Make no mistake, these are skills that take years of practice so I recommend starting sooner rather than later.

(Post truncated)
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-21 02:20
Thanks for writing that it means a lot. I was offline working on the game. I do want to see a psychologist but we can't afford it. I realize long ago that my mental problems are a big obstacle for me but I have laid out a plan already. I have thought through this plan many times. The plan is basically to become financially secure. Once I achieve financial success I can start the process of reintegrating myself into normal society.

The problem right now that is of pressing concern is my parents. My father hates me because I am a failure. My mother is usually neutral but sometimes sides with my father. They like to point out that they have raised me but I have given them nothing in return. It angers me greatly because I never asked them to create me with their inferior low quality genes. But they refuse to entertain that thought. For them it's all about me me me me me.

My well being right now lies on my ability to make money. If I can earn some money however small from my game(s) then the immediate effect would be a boost in my confidence. If I can continue to earn more and more money then the short term effect would be my parents getting off my back since I can then give them the money. Now the biggest IF would be that I somehow out of sheer luck achieve financial success then I can move out and begin the process of reintegrating into normal society.

It feels like a dream, a dream that I can never make into reality. But I may as well try, if it all ends badly then I will still have the choice of committing suicide.

Thanks again for replying.
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What's your programmer name?

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-23 03:42
This thread is on the merits and shortcomings of releasing software anonymously or pseudonymously versus using your real name. The only benefit I can think of with using your real name is if you want to get a job or use your open source project at work and be able to show your boss and earn some points towards that raise. Everywhere else, using a secret identity seems to be preferable.

Is there anyway to get the benefits of both? Thoughts?
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26 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:40
27 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-04 08:33
Fuck you, leather man.
28 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-04 13:58
29 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-10 21:49
30 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-11 17:16
Hitch Rickey
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1 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-14 22:49
TIME TO ADMIT IT! Who else here has posted comments, and even made entire thread on /prog/ about various programming languages without ever having coded a single line in their lives in any language? Who else here has waxed poetic about the virtues of ksh vs bash, never having actually touched a command line? I've studied various threads on the board numerous time, gathered enough talking points to trash Brfs while praising ZFS and proclaiming HAMMER2 to be the FS to end all FSs whatever a FS is. I've learned about the security risks of super-scalar architectures, and shilled for a return to the scalar processors of our recent past. We need to end x86 and push RISC you say? Hogwash! Lisp machines are the true way forward! Sound familiar? I don't even know what a Lisp machine is, and can't be bothered to Google it. I am one of the normies of whom you so dismissively speak. I am your worst nightmare!
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4 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-27 01:24
I'm certainly not. I come to /prog/ specifically to avoid programming.
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 02:50
What??? Coding is an absolute requirement of proper /prog/ posting! Surely anyone here could code themselves anything they ever desired!
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:39
gucci gang
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-04 04:53
I do that too but for other topics on other websites.
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-14 02:21
/polecat keredditabs/
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1 Name: [b]gaj[/b] 2018-07-12 16:02



PYTHON BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!

Now that PEP 572 is done, I don't ever want to have to fight so hard for a
PEP and find that so many people despise my decisions.

I would like to remove myself entirely from the decision process. I'll
still be there for a while as an ordinary core dev, and I'll still be
available to mentor people -- possibly more available. But I'm basically

(Post truncated)
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-12 19:22
What a glorious day for programming, thank you G-d!!!
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-15 05:35
I don't think this has any meaning to anybody. There is no consequence to the Python language or community now the GvR has decided to step down from making decisions for the Python language. The Python language and community will continue without GvR's guidance equally as well as when GvR was guiding the language.
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:40
fuck piethong
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RISC is an abject failure.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-25 21:32
RISCs are designed for C and UNIX, which means they make everything else slow even if we knew how to do it fast for 50 years. CISC features like like segmentation and powerful instructions are discouraged in x86 today and most are banned in 64-bit mode. The bloat in x86 is from SIMD instructions and the other bullshit they keep adding, not from CISC. The "complex" in CISC means the instructions themselves are complex, i.e. they do a lot, not that there are a lot of instructions or that it's complicated to use them. Branch delay slots and multiply-step instructions are RISC. Even the "thin clients" are powerful enough to run a real OS (better than UNIX) with real software. It sucks how wasteful everything is. They don't care if their software sucks, whether it's bloat, crashes, exploits, or lack of design. These are all symptoms of the same problem and the root of why C and UNIX suck. They don't fix ls or bc or any of those other broken shit "tools" because they don't care if they're broken. They don't replace null-terminated strings because they don't care if strings are useful.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-26 12:32
How do you specify the length of a string if it isn't terminated with some special signal such as a null character?
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-28 17:17
have you seriously never heard of a vector
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-29 01:30
I understand it as mathematical jargon for a list of scalar values.
5 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-29 20:38
Trillions of devices use ARM.
6 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:39
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Emoji thread aka. fuck unicode

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-06 18:03
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142 Name: [b]gaj[/b] 2018-07-20 01:04
143 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-25 18:28
144 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-29 13:42

However, after the JIS standard was released people noticed something strange - several of the added characters had no obvious sources, and nobody could tell what they meant or how they should be pronounced. Nobody was sure where they came from. These are what came to be known as the ghost characters (幽霊文字).
145 Name: Anonymous 2018-07-31 02:09

"_If you touch the👇black point then your whatsapp will hang_", says the message that's being sent around, and it's right. It's a text rendering bug, the same as many others -- which isn't interesting. But the characters it's using, Unicode RTL and LTR marks, are worth knowing about.
146 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:38
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Hell World

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-30 13:55
So I heard this is the new /prog/ in town. What's traffic like in comparison to progrider?
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3 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-30 16:41
4 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-30 18:50
probably zero because the admin keeps copying posts from elsewhere lmao
5 Name: Admin 2017-03-30 22:04
this is correct, 0 users
6 Name: Not Admin 2017-03-30 22:47
I'm not the Admin and I can confirm there are more than 2 users.
7 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:37
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Altair BASIC source

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-21 21:32
What did the source code for Altair BASIC look like?

How did Gates and Allen code that shit?
seems like cavemen banging on shit to me.
2 Name: suigin 2017-03-22 10:55
3 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:36
cool find
4 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-04 13:56
Did you want the answer for the sake of your own curiosity? I am intrigued to know why you'd be interested in such an obscure piece of history. It seems to me that you would get a real answer by contacting them directly by email.
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From The Programmer To The Artist

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-18 09:22
Hello Sirs,

I can help you out with creation of the front end and also can guide you how you can do it in future, become more than programmer become the artist with control.

I am a web designer with 10+ years of experience and can give you some smart tips on true frontend. Let me know in this thread.
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4 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-18 20:58
matt dickie???
5 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-18 22:23
6 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-18 23:29
7 Name: Steve 2017-03-19 01:02
steveular bells
8 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:35
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useful JS libery

1 Name: Steve 2017-03-09 23:21

var buttcheeks = ((" "));

String.prototype.in_the_anus = function()

var anus = "gayness in anus".split(buttcheeks);

for(gayness in anus)
gayness = anus[gayness];


(Post truncated)
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11 Name: Steve 2017-03-11 18:10
nothing are wrong with my english why
12 Name: Steve 2017-03-11 18:11
yeah but it doesn't using any libraries

13 Name: Anonymous 2017-03-12 02:37
Javashit, saged.
14 Name: Steve 2017-03-12 16:02
15 Name: Anonymous 2018-08-02 21:34
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