1 Name: Anonymous 2018-11-30 20:46
I know most of /prog/ is just 14 y/o edgelords, but anyway here is a question for those of you who are in a long term relationships

Do you think of cheating on your girl, like, alot?

I am, i never did anything but I think of it ALOT and just the thought turns me on. I never want to make my loved one(and she is...) feel bad but i cant help but thinking about it and I feel like the day is soon coming when i will finally slip...
Im sort of a coward, I got flirted several times by females at the beach but I just ignored it. I had a co-worker who tried to kiss me when she was drunk but i pushed her away.

But i feel like im on the edge, all the time, actively trying got keep myself from doing something stupid.

Don't know really why im posting this but hey that's /b/. Wondering if im alone in this.

Im happy with my girl, but it doesn't make my slutty mind go away.

Im really considering trying to ask her if she would be ok if i slept with other women, but i fear it might break us up

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