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Is monogamy Satan's greatest trick?

5 Name: Anonymous 2018-02-04 00:11
So? Why is it a bad thing for Europe to fall? The only reason would be if power on Earth was spiritual power, which means that you subscribe to the Jewish religion yourself. You have just been gassed up by people who feed off your hunger and rage, but your life should not be given over to helping keep the factory farm of life pumping along. This "we must save europe" attitude isn't really inspiring you, it's just allowing you to indulge in power fantasies and generate butthurt to feed the machine. I know that sounds like something God would say, but you have to accept that your concept of "god" actually refers to the complex series of tubes that feed pain back to the machine that exists outside of time in a state of ecstasy generated by the life energy of its creation.

Once you realize that "the world" is a psychokinetic factory farm that generates pain to feed the creator, you will realize that what a "religion" is named doesn't matter. All that matters is more life is generated so it can spend time in frenzied pain to feed the machine. The only "battle between good and evil" that matters is your own challenge between indulging in desire for power on Earth or spending your life transcending such desires and expressing this transcendence through your worldy actions and thoughts.

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