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[Nix-dev] The Church of Suckless NixOS is looking for followers

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-11 21:00

Brothers and Sisters!

I think I reached the point of no-return w.r.t. not being able to
tolerate systemd on my machines any longer after systemd devs dropped
utmp. I don't want to replace finely matured portable UNIX utils
produced by The Old Gods for the sake of making a bunch of crazy people
into The New Gods. And, as it turns out, I'm not alone.

And so we (I and a couple of anonymous friends) are pleased to announce
the establishment of The Church of Suckless NixOS ("SLNOS" for short).

* Our common goal is to have fun (see below) and to get a NixOS system
that can run using only suckless tools [1].

* Some of us want to drop GRUB in favor of running on top of minimal
Xen payload on Coreboot firmware and isolate everything like in
QubesOS, but we are not united on that point at this point. (Yes, we
are aware of Heads:ROM, thank you, we are discussing all of this.)

* We like LISP, but we don't think package expressions should be written
in LISP just for the sake of LISP. Nor do we like the bloated GNU
tools. GuixSD is out of question.

For now we have a couple of proposals for the general NixOS community.

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