My thoughts on God

1 Name: Anonymous 2017-04-24 01:21
If there is a God, He is a Software Engineer.
2 Name: Anonymous 2017-04-24 01:59
Then who engineered the hardware?
3 Name: Anonymous 2017-04-24 03:29
Hardware is merely a property of software. Your question is like seeing Warhol's masterful paintings and asking whom manufactured the paint brush, canvass, easel, and/or other device used. The answer to both questions, to any thinking man, is clear: it is irrelevant to what matters, what is essential. You have to take the big-picture view, God will not be found in mere details.
4 Name: Anonymous 2017-04-24 03:49
Powerful stuff.
5 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-03 02:16
No smoking please: God hates fags
6 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-03 05:49
Wow so true dude.....
7 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-10 05:51
All hardware can be simulated in software. If the simulation is as good as the real thing, perhaps it is the real thing.
8 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-10 08:42
9 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-13 00:21
and He is a basement hacker hired by some shitey two bit company, for whom He did a terrible hack job and left it to a bunch of morons to maintain while He played WoW while pretending to work

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