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3The T√úRK MAN is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.42019-02-16 00:56
4Goatfinger is closing down.22019-02-16 00:55
5I'LL BREAK YOUR FUCKING FACE.22019-01-30 00:09
6Rename this place /softboobs/32018-12-01 22:17
7Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys? it's a tough pill to swallow!82018-12-01 22:16
8School does nothing12018-12-01 22:15
9I look forward to doing business with you!12018-11-23 20:16
10New Programming Paradigms82018-09-09 22:13
11Engineer my anus112018-09-07 04:07
12If millennials named design patterns72018-01-24 18:03
13Residential IP thorugh VPN112018-01-12 13:49
14/softeng/ is shit32018-01-03 01:19
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21worst softeng board102017-06-09 19:17
22Literally the worst textboard design.42018-01-01 19:01
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26this boi ENGINEENER32017-05-01 13:55
27woi water some good test cases for my sneakers32017-04-26 16:23
28POPL 201722017-04-23 16:57